The choice is now real

April 6, 2010

So now it officially begins – not that its been politicaly quiet over the past few weeks – but at least the waiting is over – we have a general election on 6th May and the nation can decide what it wants for the next 4 or 5 years.  And its a real choice.  Not like the last couple of elections where everyone knew who the winner would be – this time there is no luxury of the protest vote – or not voting at all – this time the votes cast in the key seats will really determine the direction of our country.

For me its an easy choice – I am a progressive so I vote Labour – to vote any other way will send us back to the 80s – or worse.  A vote for the Conservatives will be a vote for inequality, biggotry and isolationism.  What I mean is a tax cut for the richest (inheritance tax) with vicious cuts in public services to boot, anti gay opt outs (allowing B&B owners to refuse gay couples) and anti European everthing.  And the South Dorset Tory wannabe tricky Dick Drax supports all of the above and more.  There is no moderation with Dicky- he is a rich kid, privileged beyond belief, hang em and flog em Tory of the most extreme kind.

 But its a choice and its a real campaign.  Bring it on and let the voters decide.


Intervention works

January 31, 2010

The good news is that the recession is now officially over – at least for the time being.

What is better news is that unemployement has begun to fall –  even youth unemployment has taken a downward direction.  It should be remembered that when the last recession ended youth unemployment continued to rise for a number of years.

Keeping people in work and getting them back to work as soon as possible after a period of unemployement is an essential responsibility of Government.  Persistent unemployement is catastrophic for the individual and society.  It can lead to poor health, the breakdown of relationships, poor parenting and local disorder.

Those in Government responsible for tackling unemployement during the recession have got it right. This includes South Dorset MP Jim Knight. They have been active and interventionist, the Government has refused to stand by and see swathes of people consigned to long term unemployment and they deserve our thanks, gratitude and respect.

And what would our Conservative opposition have done if they had been in power – nothing at all.  As they have done on previous occasions they would have allowed businesses to fail and unemployment to rise – believing that the market is always right and that unemployement is a price worth paying.

Well done Jim and the Government – keep it up – you may eventually get some thanks for your efforts.

GPs – don’t we just love em!

December 9, 2009

Our beloved family Doctors are at it again – not curing the sick, tending to the dying or providing a caring shoulder to cry on – but you guessed it – asking for more money.  On behalf of GPs the BMA have refused to agree to administer the swine flu vaccine to the under 5s unless the public purse comes up with more money to pay them to do so. 

At a time when the Government’s coffers are running on empty and cuts to services are being planned, our loving family Doctors are asking for more money or they wont protect our youngsters against a nasty and potentially life threatening illness.

I hope they all sleep well at night counting their pennies while our youngsters go unprotected.

Shame on them.

What is in a name

December 9, 2009

So what is in a name – not a lot really it’s just something we are given by our parents – no big deal – it is better than having a number. Some appear cool, some mildly embarrassing and some turn out to be amusing. However, when someone decides to change their name or asks to be known as something different then it is right to ask questions about the reason for doing so.

This week we hear the landowner, millionaire and now Tory hopeful in South Dorset no longer wants people to know he has an extraordinary name Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax. Why is this? Normally name changing is associated with the name being linked to atrocities in the past – such names as Hitler or Bin Laden fall into this category – or the name feels wrong for a chosen profession – such as Doctors with the surname De’Eath – and one GP I know of called McFeely!

However, what connection is Drax trying to hide – is it some link to how his family made their fortune or is he embarrassed by the family’s connection to the Bond villan of the same name. Well obviously not as those connections are with the Drax part of the name – not the other names. I feel the only conclusion we can make is that Mr Drax is making a doomed attempt to appear normal. He must feel that changing his name will help hide the fact that he has lived a life of extreme privilege and shares no common ground with most voters in Dorset, true he lives on an estate but his one is vast and he owns it! and he keeps people out by an enormous wall.

Next maybe he will be known as just simply Dick – Simple Dick Drax.

Dicky Drax is an extraordinary man – he has an extraordinary name, an extraordinary estate, an extraordinary wall and extraordinary wealth. So what’s in a name – well ask Dicky and see what he says?

2 faced Tory

November 29, 2009

See this article in the Times – says all you need to know about the new look Tory Party –  Zac Goldsmith is a non dom tax avoider – so much for his credentials – this guy was supposed to be the modern face of the new green blue Tory Party – how many more Tory MP wannabees are avoiding tax like this guy – do we really want the rich Tory landowners playing games with our Government and our future?  No thanks – lets hope the electorate start to wake up and see what these silver spooned smooth talkers are really like.  Anyone know the tax credentials of the various rich Tories in Dorset who want to represent us?

A quiet London

November 26, 2009

Is it just me or has London got quieter – I was at Waterloo the other day and noticed that the newspaper sellers have gone – they are a thing of the past – no more strangled cries of “standard” and “west end final”.  I find myself missing the newspaper guys.


explaining progressive and radical to an 11 year old

November 25, 2009

So last night I am chatting with the kids when this new blog gets mentioned – and the question my 11 year old asks is “what is progressive and what do you mean by radical?”

Trying to explain was less than easy – radical was OK as one of her old teachers says things are “rad” or “radical” – such as surfing – so we made some headway.  But progressive vs conservative – I tried this “progressives look for a better tomorrow based on our ability to change and adapt while conservatives look to maintain the status quo”  I went on “conservatives tend to think yesterday was better than tomorrow”.  Her response “Well how can you know that yesterday was better because tomorrow isn’t here yet – it might be great if you give it a chance. Conservatives are daft”  and so I ended the conversation – she is an optimist and maybe that is what a progressive is really – someone who welcomes rather than fears tomorrows possibilities.

Any suggestions for taking this discussion with the kids forward are most welcome.

Today is the beginning

November 24, 2009

Morning – Today is the day that The Dorset Martyr starts life.  The Dorset Martyr is dedicated to keeping radical & progressive politics alive in Dorset.  Faced with today’s soporific politics, the Dorset Martyr hopes to rekindle the passion and hope that existed in the County in years gone by.

Dorset is more than the sleepy rural idle it is sometimes portrayed as.  It is home to progressive thinking and radicalism.  It was Dorset that gave us the Tolpuddle Martyrs – not just weekend cottages, long walks in the country and trips to the sea side – although both are great fun and well worth doing.

Dorset should be a proud County – proud of what it has given and proud of what it will continue to give.  It is not a county that should be a bastion of conservatism – which it is in danger of becoming.


Hello world!

November 19, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!